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  2017 Season 
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 Briggs Junior

Andy L

Alexander O

Abigail F

 Briggs Senior 

Karen T
Dustin G

Felipe B
Ron G

Cory D
David O

Pam M
Devon B

Kevin F
Haley G

Wyatt G

 Rotax Junior

Sam M
Jesse G

Mathew T
Anika T

Wyatt G

 Rotax Senior

Frank D
Samuel S

Haley G
Michael K

Garret B
Vadym C

 Rotax DD2 Masters

 Cody G
Nick F

 Kevin F
Sam F

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Year-End Banquet Is Coming UP
The South Sask Kart Club year-end banquet will be held Saturday November 11th at the Best Western Seven Oaks in Regina.

Costs are expected to be $35 for adults & $25 for kids.

Please contact Dave Gulash to let him know you'll be attending.

Curious About Karting?  Attend Our "Try A Kart Day"

We have yet another try-a-kart coming up on Saturday September 23rd!!

This gets you right into the action with a quick classroom meeting, and then you behind the wheel of a real racing kart!

We have 2 classes available that day, one at 10:30 am and one at 1:30 pm.

$40 for adults, and $20 for juniors.

Email to book today!

New Spec Fuel For All SSKC Races

Effective immediately, the new Spec Fuel will be COOP Premium fuel for all classes.

With the COOP refinery being in Regina, this should be the most consistant fuel available.

Your raceday gas should be purchased from any COOP station in Regina or Emerald Park.  Remember to flush the hose before filling your gas can and keep your receipt in case proof of purchase is requested.

WF Botkin Raceway Grand Opening Double-Header

To expand this information sheet, click here

To see the weekend schedule, click here

Racers, please register in advance at


New Test & Tune Rules

Test and Tune sessions at WF Botkin Raceway have a new set of rules, as laid out by ASN Canada, our governing body. 
You can find a link to the rules at the bottom of this page or, for a shortcut click here

New Track Is Ready !!

The new of home South Sask Kart Club, The WF Botkin Raceway will be seeing its first racing action this Sunday, July 9th.

This is the newest kart track in Canada, and already a great review has been published by Canadian Karting News.

The WF Botkin Raceway is located next to King's Park Speedway, just a bit to the north east of Regina.  If you need directions, click on the purple "Map To Track" box at the top of this page.

For up to the minute updates on SSKC and The WF Botkin Raceway, visit the
SSKC Facebook page

Racers, since this first raceday at the new track will likely have some time delays due to growing pains, it is important you speed up the day by registering in advance at .

Racers should also take note of the new "Test & Tune" regulations.

On-line Raceday Registration Now Open

Raceday registration is now being done online.

Each event will open at online several days in advance to the race day..

Please go to the website and register yourself and those in your family who race.
Once you have signed up you will be able to access the race dates, sign up and pay online, so there is no hassle of collecting race day fees at the track .


Updated Class Details, Supp. Rules & Raceday Schedule posted

A few very recent tweaks have been made to the classes this year.  One of the most notable is Sr. Briggs Heavy will now be 375 pounds, as per ASN rules,  instead of 365.  These details are on the Classes page.

The Supplementary Rules are also found on the Classes page.

One change in the raceday schedule this year is there will be the same schedule for both Saturday and Sunday races, instead of Saturday races being run later in the day as in past years.

Ground Broken For New Track

On May 11th ground was broken for the new track for South Sask Kart Club.
The WF Botkin Kart Track will be located near King's Park Speedway.
It's hoped the new track will be ready by the end of June.
Until then, the club will continue to compete at 3 Flags Motorsport Park, near Lumsden.

SSKC Briggs Series Champion

For the 2016 season South Sask Kart Club joined the Briggs Weekly Racing Series.  This series gave our local Briggs racers a chance to compete for some great prizes against other local racers, and also gave them the opportunity to have their points stacked against racers from across North America for even more prizes.

The first ever SSKC Briggs Weekly Racing Series winner is Haley Gulash.  She had the highest points total of the SSKC senior Briggs classes.
Haley won a Smokin' Fast BBQ from RLV.

Over $50,000 in prizes for Briggs Racers

We are now in the Briggs Weekly Racing Series !!
Just for racing you could win a Briggs power inverter, Briggs pressure washer, or even a bbq.

All the details are online at

Good luck !!

Race Day Management

To speed up raceday registration, SSKC uses an online registration format. is an online registration site that allows this to happen. The cost is very minimal to club, we just don't have the available man power to be collecting fees on race days. It will be mandatory to register prior to the race day. Each event will open on line 1 week in advance to the race day, and close 1 day prior to the race event. If you show up and on race day and are not registered on line, there will be a $25.00 surcharge.

Please go to the following website: and register yourself and siblings, it is very easy to do. Once you have signed up you will be able to access the race dates, sign up and pay online, so there is no hassle of collecting race day fees at the track .



Next Meeting
SSKC Club Meeting

To be announced.  Stay tuned.

Next Local Race Day
See you in the spring
 at WF Botkin Raceway

Next Test & Tune evening


WF Botkin Raceway is open to SSKC members for practice & test and tune at every day.
Ensure all rules and guidlines are followed. 
Membership fees must be paid and waiver forms must be signed to take part

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SSKC now on Facebook

Visit the new South Sask Kart Club Facebook page.  Yyou will be able to post comments and interact with other interested parties on our Facebook page.  Check it out
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